Top 3 Attractions in Julian, CA

The quaint and stunning mountain town of Julian, California is located approximately two hours from Palm Springs! (via CA-79 S and other routes). It is fabulous for a day trip from other SoCal cities, such as nearby San Diego as well!


Georgian settlers established the land and it experienced a small yet mighty gold rush in the late 1800s! It is recognized for its apples, antiques, historic sites and lush landscape.


Top Attraction #1

Eagle Mining Co. 


Visiting the Eagle Mining Co. is an experience of a lifetime! You will learn about the unique history of a truly operational gold mine that supported the livelihood of many families in the late 1800s. Interestingly, some of the impeccably dressed families would bring their young children along for a day of hard labor. This is depicted in a black and white photograph shown on the tour. The low hanging ceilings of the mine, tricky tunnels and rock walls will blow your mind.


This is a glimpse of the rock walls inside of the mine. Can you see that shimmer and shine? It could be evidence of flecks of gold lingering within the land.

1107171455 (1).jpg


Check out this narrow path!


A scenic view from the Eagle Mining Co. after having exited the mine!



When you have a desire to visit, call ahead to be sure of the tour departure times for that day. Be sure to bring cash for the tour ticket price of $10 as well. Take caution when walking through the mines, I wouldn’t want anyone to knock their noggin. There is also a cute gift shop and a wonderful family man running the business.

Don’t miss this!  Eagle Mining Co.

Top Attraction #2

Wynola Junction Antiques & Collectibles

Located just outside of town off of Hwy 78 is an incredibly lovely and full antique store filled with wonders of the world.


You will enjoy browsing through relics for the home, vintage perfume bottles, detailed furniture pieces, fun holiday decor and more! They also offer free items sometimes which will be located at the front of the store.

When you visitWynola Junction Antiques & Collectibles

Top Attraction #3

Mom’s Pie House

Located on the central street running through the town of Julian, Main St., is a charming old-fashioned bakery, Mom’s Pie House. It was founded in the 1980s by a true mother herself, Anita Nichols.


After your tour of the gold mine, strolling through town, sipping on the best apple cider you’ve ever had, admiring the antiques and simply beautiful flowers and trees, you’ll be dreaming of a slice of apple pie and a piping hot cup o’ joe.


I highly recommend you order your pie à la mode. And if you have someone special to share it with, even better!

My husband and I enjoyed the milk-paint tones of its humble, country style ambiance and witnessed a sweet elderly couple sitting side by side enjoying their afternoon treat together!

It is a warm place for singles, couples and families alike.

You can even take your pie to goMoms Pie House



As you leave (but I promise, you won’t want to), don’t forget to take in a riveting sunset and observe the long pastures that border the town. You may see animals roaming and a fresh breeze of mountain air (open that sunroof) may feather your skin.


After your memorable day in Julian, CA, you’ll feel lucky to be alive and ready for your next adventure!




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