Secret Gardens of Sunnylands


As you enter the pristine Sunnylands Center & Gardens, a historic estate in Rancho Mirage, California, your mouth will drop in awe of the delicate combination of grandeur and simplicity that graces its gardens.





You can tour the majestic 200 acres of property that was home to the esteemed publisher, Walter Annenberg and his family.

Famous guests such as President Eisenhower, Nixon, Ford, the Bush family, Reagan, Obama, Clinton and old Hollywood figures such as Ginger Rogers and Frank Sinatra, among others, have spent time enjoying the estate.




It offers a vibrant walking path for adults and children alike accompanied by unrivaled views of the Coachella Valley mountains!




Isn’t this view simply lovely?




This spiritual labyrinth walk is for meditation and “questions to ponder.”

It is a quiet place for reflection and prayer.




A plethora of native plants to the desert region line the gardens and there is an audible guide available to download as well!

There is also a beautiful cafe where you can enjoy a sandwich or salad al fresco along with a cup of their signature French Press coffee.


It is such a wonderful learning experience for the entire family! I can’t wait to take my babi(es) someday! 

For more information and to plan your adventure




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