Forest Falls + Waterfall in CA

Forest Falls, California is located approximately 1 hour away from Palm Springs via I-10 E!




It is a very small mountain town with large log homes and cabins. I would definitely call them luxury timber constructions! Some of the homes are absolutely stunning. The area is covered in greenery and a cherry blossom tree comes alive in the town seasonally.




The Big Falls Waterfall it is recognized for is one of the largest and most spectacular waterfalls in the state!

It is such a nice place to go for a day of hiking and a picnic.




During the winter months, it gets very chilly and snow is commonplace.

Don’t forget your chains as they are routinely required and checked!

Bring lots of water as a change in altitude can truly affect your thirst and dehydration is no fun!






Isn’t this view surreal?






Beware of slippery paths and take your time!




There is a cute Mexican restaurant centrally located called El Mexicano and a few small shops as well!

The town is quiet yet very friendly.




Enjoy this adventure.

Nature is quite simply the best escape. 




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